Maria Hogg

Maria is Emily’s cousin, best known for her work in Less Than Zero, the rockingest band east of the Mississippi.
Nori Limarzi

Nori is Johnny’s older sister. She doesn’t have a Facebook account, and consequently she doesn’t have a picture on this website.
Mary Maples

Mary is one of Emily’s friends from the Villa. Apparently, she is a big fan of coonskin caps.
Robyn Russo

Robyn is another one of Emily’s friends from the Villa. Her dad makes his own sausage.
Nicole Diamant

Nicole is yet another one of Emily’s friends from the Villa. As Maid of Honor, it’s her job to make sure everyone gets up and gets down.
Mike Limarzi

Mike is also one of Emily’s friends from the Villa, but he’s not a bridesmaid. He’s Johnny’s brother and Best Man.
Tony Limarzi

Tony is another of Johnny’s brothers. He doesn’t have Facebook either. However, he does have both a face and a book.
Peppi Limarzi

Peppi is yet another of Johnny’s brothers. Oddly enough, he does have Facebook. What is the world coming to?
Pete Beck

Pete is Emily’s brother and will be more than willing to share a beer with you at the wedding.
Dan Beck

Dan is also Emily’s brother. He’s more likely to take your beer, though.

The Bridal Party

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